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My name is Bas Gosewisch.

As a freelance growth marketer, I help companies to generate more revenue or increase profitability. 

Almost all decisions I take are 100% based on data. It wouldn’t be the first time I said that data analytics & content is the name of the game.

My strong suit is content, advertising, data analytics and conversion rate optimization. For high volume businesses, I can set up a customer data platform (hello profiling and personalization!) from scratch.

I’ve worked on dozens of projects within the sports marketing, direct to consumer e-commerce, and publishing field. And over the years, I’ve built an extensive database of problems, solutions and useful tools to execute them. I’m

I like consultancy projects for their high-level strategic involvement. But moving the work, pouring the results in yourself, that really creates a rush. That rush is exactly what made me start exploring the digital marketing craft in the first place.

I’ll fill up the knowledge base with new material every couple of weeks. I hope you’ll learn from it!

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