Creating local leads to drive in-store traffic

How can we utilize modern marketing to create new customers in an offline store? That was the question me and a client were facing at the beginning of 2020.

Fortunately, we already knew that online product sales benefited from personal and tailor made advice (that works). It appeared to be the key to creating happy clients and repeat purchases. Building on that experience, we wanted to offer free tailor made advice to create happy prospects. And, to eventually, have those happy prospects turn into happy customers.

Eventually, we ended up with a very simple marketing stack, shown below.

The stack

Facebook ads and Mailchimp were already part of the tech stack. I’ve had experience with Typeform before and knew this would work well in this set-up.

Next, we launched hyper targeted facebook ads within close proximity of the store. The results: we gathered 250 quality leads within a couple of weeks. Each lead received a tailor made advice based upon the typeform data they submitted, which consisted of pre-made text elements.

We also selected two happy winners, who remained customers afterwards.