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1. Hire me to grow your company

I’ve built and scaled ecommerce campaigns, lead gen campaigns and hiring campaigns. Do you have the people who move the work, but are you seeking for quality strategic direction? Reach out to me through email or find me through Sprints & Sneakers.

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3. Apply for a job

I’m looking for highly skilled growth hackers, SEA experts and META ads experts to join my team. So do you have experience building and scaling digital businesses in ecommerce, apps and subscription domain and are you looking to take a jump in your career? Hit me up or find our jobs page at

Struggle to find your growth levers?

Do you have a great product but are you missing out on sales? Chances are that you fell victim of bad marketing. Fortunately, there’s a way we can fix that.

What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? What does your product provide to its user? Why pick your product over your competitor’s?

When you hire me, I’m going to ask a bunch of these questions. Let’s find out who it is that you should reach, where to reach them, so we can convince them to start using your product instead.

Some brands I’ve Worked With

Gelukt 🏆