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Content Strategy

A strong content strategy means we’re delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.


This is the information age. From tracking tot analysis. All our decisions are backed by data.

Optimize for

I use a proven framework that returns the results you are looking for.

Building lasting optimizations

As an entrepreneur, you’re in the game to win. And to win the game, you need to convert visitors to take action or make a purchase. 

I use a proven framework to optimize your customer journey, content strategy and conversion rates. 

That proven framework is built on data, numbers, metrics and analyses. We act fast and quickly and generate as many viable tests as we can to end up with a strong acquisition strategy.

I'm Bas.

During my employment at an agency, I worked on digital strategy, customer profiling, marketing automation, digital campaigns and gave trainings to clients in sports and publishing. 

My job is to find the alternative angle, put it into practice, and improve bottom line results. Because I’m in the business of driving profits, not clicks.

I also joined Tekkieworden as growth marketing expert, an initiative by Booking.com, Rabobank and the Municipality of Amsterdam to get more people into tech jobs.

Digital marketing done right.

But really. Because right is not a vague term when it comes to digital marketing. It means carrying out a value proposition in ways that makes your customers like you, trust you, and buy from you. It means bringing creative ideas to life through digital campaigns that are carried out with an almost surgical precision. And at the center of this all is the glue: digital tracking to ensure we keep chasing the right targets.

Clients hire me to improve their bottom line results.

You’re reading this. Therefore, it is very likely that you have started exploring your options in finding a(nother) digital marketing specialist. Perhaps your team reached a plateau. Or your current agency is slow, bulky, and spends lump sums of your ad budget without returning actual results or learnings. While I cannot guarantee overnight success, I can assure you that my methodology is both easy to follow and has proven to drives results over time.

I've done it before.

Why will I deliver? Because my method is not based on mere experience and creativity. It’s based on data driven experimentation. And I say experimentation, because there’s always a test subject, a hypothesis, the test itself, an expected outcome, and a (quantifiable) result. You see? It’s this easy to follow.

I can integrate with your existing tool stack - or provide you with my own.

Which tools do you use? Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Webflow? ActiveCampaign, Mailcamp, Mailchimp? Ad words, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Hotjar, Crazy Egg or Linkedin Tag? Getting into high volume or profiling with Blueconic, cohort analyses in Mix Panel or customer data platforms hubs such as PRDCT? Or maybe Convertkit or Typeform? Working with me means having a full stack digital marketer who knows technical marketing. When things get real serious, I work with implementation partners that offer both standardized and custom data management solutions including integrated (customizable) dashboards to fit your team’s needs. 

Quick onboarding, fast turnaround times.

You know why? Because there’s not much to make a fuzz about. You show my your channels, and I’ll identify the conversion killers. Together, we can translate your business strategy into digital campaigns. Then, we turn your creative ideas into workable campaign experiments. We will conduct tests to find the message that works with your audience, to find the one that drives best results.

Verbal diarrea of marketing lingo

Customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, cost per lead, daily active users, retention rate, average order value, cost per mille, drop off, AB tests, conversion rate. Marketing automation, email automation, segmentation, targeting, retargeting.

What's in it for you.

Forget about umbrella terms, technical language and other marketing lingo. This is what you’re in for if we’re a team.​

Increase conversion rates

Get higher quality traffic

Find the message that resonates

Decrease costs per sale

Increase purchase value

Get more repeat buyers