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I just got certified as personal trainer

Word got out. I’m officially a Menno Henselmans certified personal trainer. In case you weren’t familiar with him, he’s one of the world’s leading voices in the fitness space. He conducts original clinical trials and publishes research in the evidence based fitness space.

And now I’m a part of that group. I can’t describe how happy I am that I made it.

The email I waited for 3 weeks!

Why? Here’s some stats:

  • 10 months of studying
  • 2000+ pages of cold hard research
  • 10 hours of doing exams

And I’m not even stating the gazzilion research papers I scorched through during the studies.

I might have studied more for this certificate that I did for all my former bachelor, pre-masters (two of them) and master studies combined.

I obtained my CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2014 which provided me with the foundations on how to train well and eat well. But doing the Menno Henselmans certification was a whole other level of studying.

I started this course while I was also coaching and managing a high-performing team at Sprints & Sneakers. At the same time I learnt how to be a dad to my then five months old daughter. So you can imagine this was a lot. But now I’m here. I’m certified.

In the meantime, I’ve built two success cases to validate my exercise and nutrition methodology and I’m systemizing the way I work in order to add exercise and nutrition coaching to the Quality of life programme at Sprints & Sneakers.

Combine the love for sheets of a marketer with exercise and nutrition knowledge and you’re in for a sweet ride

Why? Because high performance work requires a body that is able to endure all that hard work. And I’m here to guide high performers to get the body they need and want.

See you soon.

I'm Bas Gosewisch

I’m into marketing, growth and fitness and I’ve been helping clients such as &C, Longines Global Champions and many more companies with direct response digital marketing in one way or another.

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